Minutes of 3rd February 2016 Meeting



Meeting Wednesday 3rd February 2016 at 4.15 pm

At Bungalow, Rossett Acre Primary School

Present: Sarah Sharp , Sam Walker , Ian Hopkins, Carla Reddish, Dan McAndrew, Sandra Jowett, Anne Mettam

Apologies: Jennifer Hall,

Wardens Report: none

Financial Report: none

Management Plan

    1. The board walk and dipping platform replacement has been completed. It is slightly higher than previously due to the high water levels at the time it was constructed. The pathway up to the boardwalk needs to be graduated up to the boardwalk so there is not such a big step. Sam will do this. The notice board is in situ. Sandra requires photographs of the construction and the end result.
    2. The work day on Saturday January16th was attended by Sam and 4 ladies including Sandra and Sarah. The ponds were very flooded. We cleared some of the Crassula from Triturus pond. The hole for the Crassula was larger than normal and due to the low numbers of helpers and high water levels we had to spend a lot of the time refilling the hole!



    1. The contact details for the public on the noticeboard will be the website address rather than personal or work telephone numbers. Ian will then bring any queries to the next meeting. Sandra has produced 2 signs warning against emptying personal fish tanks into the ponds and not feeding ducks and trying to prevent dogs entering the ponds. These will be put up in the new notice board.
    2. Ian will send out an access email to put articles onto the website. Website is http://www.rossettnature.co.uk
    3. Sam had been given some chemical testing kits by the Pond Conservation Trust .We will use these with the school groups to test nitrate and nitrite levels.
    4. Plans have now been submitted for the BT site for 98 home .Dan has written to indicate that there is a very thin strip of grass land down one end of the site and he considers this inadequate. Also the small size of Rossett Nature Reserve will be affected by the loss of local overwintering sites and increased traffic of people and dogs using the reserve. Dan suggested the group and individuals could write in. Ian to write a letter on behalf of the group. Individuals are also welcome submit letters.
    5. Sarah to email some date options to Dan for Pond dipping session in April for anyone wishing to get licensed for handling Great Crested newts or just to have a session Pond dipping. Next meeting to discuss pond dipping session dates for general public for the year ahead. Sarah to renew her license.
    6. Anne requested that dates of pond dipping sessions and numbers and details of findings should be submitted for records to Harrogate naturalists society.


Date of Next Meeting:

Wednesday 13th April 2016 at Rossett Acre Primary School Bungalow 4.15 pm

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